About Us

I think of myself as a Designer. I think of myself as a historian. I think of myself as an Artist. I think of myself as a poet. I think of myself as a Musician. I think of myself as a Mathematician. But most of all, I am an architecture major. Architecture marries design, art, poetry, music, mathematics and brings science to life, in the end the spaces forged create shelter.

How space is experienced verses how the space was planned is a balancing act that has been mastered by few architectural virtuosos–maestros in their own light: the Erskines, the Altos, the Gaudis, the Bawas, the Bans, Makis and the Van der Rhoes of this world are only but a few. Ours is a profession where the design outlives the designer and stands the test of time and the elements.

My experience and work ethic continue to be an integral part of my business acumen.

email me: isaac@wisaac.com

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