Brooklyn Heights walking tours is a walk down memory lane

20130503-brooklyn-heights-walking-tour-_43-jpgHISTORY: Colonized by wealthy merchants and bankers from the city across the river, Brooklyn Heights is the suburban product of what was then the new steam-powered ferry. In 1814 Robert Fulton’s invention, with financial backing from Hezekiah Pierrepont, first connected the newly renamed Fulton Streets of New York and Brooklyn by fast boats, giving occasion to Pierrepont and others (Middagh, Hicks, Remsen, Livingston) for profitable division and sale of their heights “farmland.” With the new ferry it was quicker and easier to go by water from Fulton to Fulton than to travel by omnibus on Manhattan Island.

Period styles found in Brooklyn Heights include: Federal Style, Greek Revival, Italianate, Romanesque, Gothic Revival, and Queen Anne.

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