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Educated as an Architect, this subject is very near and dear to me. I will draw on the mundane and the insane and discuss it. Some will be at length while others just a glimpse. I want to engage you. challenge you, while also challenging myself. My Grandmother always said that an idle mind is the devil’s playground. So I try and keep my mind sharp and filled with the light of Goodness. Words have Power. Monotheistic religions all believe in a core value when dealing with creation. God spoke, and it was. The power of their creators words were all it took.

Architecture has an element of a creator-complex because designers become the all seeing and all knowing problem solvers. Often times, even as solutions are made Architects have to plan for the worst case scenarios. And among the beauty and splendor of painting buildings with light and intimate spaces design become less about the problems that were solved and transform into an art piece–A visual spectacular.


New York Public Library at Bryant Park

The Beaux-Arts Building Built:1897–1911, by Architect: Carrère and Hastings. Commonly know as “The Main Branch”, officially The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building. on 5th Avenue and 42nd Street, research collections include…


The Institute of Classical Architecture and Art

The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA), founded as two separate nonprofit organizations in 1991 and 1968, respectively, merged in 2002. Today the Institute is the leading nonprofit organization,…


Brooklyn Heights walking tours is a walk down memory lane

HISTORY: Colonized by wealthy merchants and bankers from the city across the river, Brooklyn Heights is the suburban product of what was then the new steam-powered ferry. In 1814 Robert…


The American Museum of Natural History

AMNH The Museum of Natural History. Established in 1869 by Albert Smith Bickmore. The idea to create a Museum of Natural History gained support from William E. Dodge, Jr., Theodore…


The Highline on 23rd Street. Lean Forward

Lean Forward, HL23 HL23 is a 14 story Residential multi-million dollar condominium development designed my Neil Denari, 2011. This development uses purchased air rights over the neighboring Highline Park to…