eFit-500GigaGolf manufacturers top quality golf equipment sold direct and exclusively though their online stores and initiatives. An industry leading innovative eFit system builds custom clubs for golfers of all levels.

The eFit system walks you through the rough terrain of understanding what kind of club is right for you: right handed, left handed; grip and size; shaft and flex; and length and lie.

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Giga Golf eFit virtual custom club fitting system 

History of Golf–Part 1

Golf started out as a gentlemen’s-sport by middle aged men in skirts–no not entirely false, and in all fairness, there is an ongoing argument on the origin of golf, but it is widely accepted that golf (or the game similar to the one we play today) originated in Scotland in the Middle Ages. It wasn’t until the 19th Century that its popularity spread through out Europe and across the pond to the United States. Also in the interest of progressive societies, golf have many famous professional women golfers in their respective divisions.


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