SkyMallPlaneSkyMall is that inflight magazine with all that cool stuff we wished we had bought weeks, or months, after the flight. Ever browsed it and thought: “why don’t they make this available regularly–you know when we are not flying? I can’t decide this in 45 minutes” Well I think the people at SkyMall heard all our soliloquies loud and clear. Because, guess what? SkyMall is available to the rest of us minions. Albeit its on the ‘internets’. But the beauty of it all is, you don’t need an aisle or window seat to browse SkyMall’s over 50 sky stores for great products and competitive prices.

So, what do I get out of all of this?

More than just cool stuff! You can shop from over all the stores in the language of your  choice and pay in one of four currencies. We have a 30 day price match and a 60 day return policy! We ship internationally and you can shop in English or Spanish and pay in one of four currencies.

Click the link below to browse SkyMall:

SkyMall, Inc.

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